That's what the holiday tastes like!


Sun, the sound of the sea and the scent of freshly baked olive baguette from the stone oven - pure holiday spirit. The taste of the holiday brings our stone oven baguettes on the table. Refined with the most popular flavors of the South - dried tomatoes, olives or feta - they are the perfect helper against culinary wanderlust and tasty alternatives to the classic white bread bar. Classics like Panini and Flaguette are the perfect basis for your Mediterranean snack creations. Off to the south!


Art.-No.: 6514 Mediterranean-style ciabatta bread
par-baked, 315 g Units per carton 28 // 8,82 kg 28 Cartons per palette
with olive oil
Mediterranean-style ciabatta bread
ca.30 Min.
ca. 200 °C
0,2 l
ca. 10-12 Min.
2 Min.
Art.-No.: 4266 „Rustiguette“ stone oven baguette
par-baked, 340 g Units per carton 25 // 8,50 kg 24 Cartons per palette
„Rustiguette“ stone oven baguette
ca. 175 °C
0,2 l
ca. 22 Min.
3 Min.
Art.-No.: 0636 Panini Classico with cut
par-baked, 95 g Units per carton 30 // 2,85 kg 56 Cartons per palette
Panini Classico with cut
ca. 180-190 °C
0,2 l
ca. 3 Min.
die letzten 2 Min. auf
Art.-No.: 4231 „Classico“ ciabatta roll
par-baked, 95 g Units per carton 80 // 7,60 kg 28 Cartons per palette
„Classico“ ciabatta roll
ca. 190 °C
0,2 l
ca. 12-15 Min.
3 Min.