From hand to mouth

Foodstuff from all over the world, our “Snackeria” is the „Place to go“. Here you will find the most delicious surprises for your out-of-home business: hearty Burek specialties, hearty pastry and snappy snack variations bring international diversity to your display. Their handy format makes them the perfect snack for the road. Deliciously stuffed puff pastry sticks or mediterranean, vegetarian or vegan snack trends: everyone’s hunger will be satisfied. We wish you a good appetite!

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Our highlights
Börek sticks

different sorts,
100 g, oven ready

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Chicken roulade

165 g, proved

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Ready to bake Chicken roulade.
Twister with cheese and mustard

90 g, proved

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Pre-proved Twister filled with cheese and mustard.
Curry sausage snack deluxe

oven ready, 152 g

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Ready to bake Curry sausage snack deluxe with a whole sausage and a spicy curry sauce sprinkled with curry powder.