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Crispy outside and on the inside with a delicate crumb, our croissants melt on the tongue. Due to the high butter content, our delicious croissants are also particularly aromatic and enjoyable at any time of the day. Whether as a classic butter croissant, with sweet chocolate filling or hearty stuffed with cheese and ham - the delicate pastries are part of every bakery shop. We offer a wide assortment of sweet and hearty croissants.

There is something for every taste.

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French butter croissant

80 g, proved

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Pre-proved French butter croissant.
XXL Marzipan butter croissant

110 g, proved

Ready to bake XXL marzipan butter croissant with a marzipan filling and almond rasp as a topping.
Croissant filled with Frankfurter sausage

105 g, proved

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Pre-proved Wiener sausage croissant made of puff pastry with a boiled sausage and sprinkled with sesame seeds.