DEH at a glance

  • Family business with 30 years of baking tradition
  • Specialised in manufacturing and distributing innovative deep frozen bakery goods 
  • Full assortment range of more than 600 items 
  • own production site and exclusive partner for large international bakery producers 
  • Excellent and certified qualities: IFS-Broker, IFS-certifies productions “Higher Level” 
  • DLG Award of the best (2016) more than 50 DLG medals (gold, silver, bronze) 
  • Pinpointed deep frozen logistics (-18°C) with more than 21 deep frozen stores within Germany 
  • Our promise: IF you order until 12 o’clock midday, we will deliver within 24 hours within Germany (minimum order quantity 60kg)

Bread and pastries is a family matter for us

DEH is an owner-managed business with a long baking tradition. We are deeply rooted in a warm bakery and still have the passion for ice cold trends and innovative bakery products. Since more then 30 years we are the leading specialist for deep frozen bakery goods in Germany and we are also becoming more and more successful in the international market.

Our full assortment with more than 600 bakery products is our pride: We produce and trade deep frozen rolls, bread, baguette, sweet and savory pastries, fried pastries and seasonal specialties. Furthermore we offer you Non-Food items and consumables for your out-of-home business.

Built on best family traditions

“Rolls taste best when they come freshly out of the oven”.
That’s how Doris Entrup’s business idea can be summed up in one sentence!

The outstanding success story of Doris Entrup began in 1987 in a one-room-office. Her business plan could be seen as a bridge between her childhood –her father was a master baker with his own bakery in Osnabrück – and her extensive experience as a Key Account Management with large retailers etc. With entrepreneurial foresight, Mrs. Entrup bet on the booming market of frozen bakery goods in a very early stage and established a national distribution system.

In the 90s DEH built their own IFS certified (“Higher level”) production capacities at home and abroad. Today we produce rolls, lye pastries, Berliner and Danish in two production sites. An efficient deep frozen logistics with 21 distribution warehouses guaranties a national availability.

Alexander Haselbach, son of our founder, he took over the sales management in 2005. Since 2009 he is part of the management of the company. Mr. Haselbach has built up the export department of DEH. Our bakery goods are sold to more than 31 country all over the globe.

In 2019, the shareholder Doris Entrup retired from the management of her successful life's work DEH and has since accompanied the fate of the DEH Group as a strategic advisor.

High up even as a child! Doris Entrup on a delivery vehicle of the parental bread factory around 1950. Already as a child high up! Doris Entrup on a delivery vehicle of the parental bread factory around 1950.
Doris Entrup and Alexander Haselbach with the federal honor price Doris Entrup and Alexander Haselbach with the federal honor price

Our Success

To date, the most important ingredients for our success are: high quality standards and openness for innovative pastry trends. Our customers profit from our personal service on site and a powerful 24-hour cold-storage logistics within Germany. Numerous DLG prices and the “Price of the Best” confirm our long-term striving for the highest product quality.

Our data

Our Production

DEH-Factory in Nagyatád, Hungary

Since 1992, the DEH plant in Nagyatád, Hungary, has been producing semi-automatic lye pastries as well as fried and puff pastry. 150 employees in Hungary manufacture individual bakery products, partly handcrafted, according to special customer requirements. The flexible production chain makes it possible to also produce smaller batch sizes.

The DEH plant in Nagyatád, Hungary
bread rolls. Factroy Heiden bread rolls

DEH-Factory in Heiden, Westphalia

Since 1999, DEH has been operating a second production plant in Heiden, Westphalia. The DEH plant has three fully automated production lines with state-of-the-art process technology. The DEH quality bread rolls are produced in our three-shift operation on three fully automated production lines.

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