More than just pretzels

The traditional Bavarian pastry has now conquered all of Germany and is also enjoying increasing popularity worldwide. We have a wide variety in our assortment. Choose the right product from our range for your sales counter: Whether the traditional “Octoberfest Pretzel”, which are still hand-knotted by us, pretzel sticks, pretzel rolls with a classic cross-cut or in football shape, solid lye wreaths with poppy seed or sesame or delicate Pretzel Croissants.

There‘s something for everyone.

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Our highlights
XXL Pretzel stick with a cut

150 g, proved

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Pre-proved XXL pretzel stick sprinkled with salt.
Lye wreaths

300 g, baked

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Fully baked lye wreaths sprinkled with poppy seeds or sesame seeds
Octoberfest pretzel

350 g, proved

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Pre-proved Octoberfest pretzel sprinkled with salt.
Lye butter croissant

80 g, proved

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Pre-proved Lye butter croissant with a golden crust and a soft crumb.