A highlight at any time of the year!

At DEH you will find the most varied range of fried pastries: small, large, sugared, glazed, colorful, fruity, creamy or with chocolate. Our Berliners are DLG award-winning and not just a highlight for the carnival season or for New Year‘s Eve. The deep-frozen fried pastries are straightforward and flexible to use. After thawing, they are ready for sale and ready for consumption.

Just appetizing!

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Our highlights
Black & white donut

75 g, baked

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Fully baked donut with a light icing and a wavy decor made of cocoa-based glaze.
Quark balls

30 g, baked

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Colourful Donuts

different sorts

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Red Velvet Donut, Dark Donut with Cornflakes, Berry Donut, Cocoa marshmallow donut, Pink marshmallow donut, Green Donut with Pistachios, Red Donut with cookies & Party Sprinkle Donut
Doughnut-heart with icing sugar

baked, 65 g

different sorts
Fully baked doughnut in heartshape with a multi-fruit filling and powdered sugar.