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The good old “Moms butty” is indispensable. Nowhere else in the world the range of bread varieties is as diverse as in Germany and we also offer you a wide range of aromatic breads. Whether rustic or fine, with grains or whole grain bread. Also in our assortment the current trend: our protein-rich Low Carb bread and our steadily growing selection of organic products. Choose the sales highlights from our wide range of standard and specialty bread varieties for your bread display.



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Our highlights
„Bürli-Schild“ baked in wood-fired oven

355 g, half baked

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Par-baked "Bürli-Schild" baked in wood-fired oven in a crafted form with a crunchy crust and a soft crumb.
Low Carb loaf with info band

430 g, half baked

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Pre-baked Protein Evening Bread canned with a crispy crust sprinkled with seeds.
Our happiness of grains

half baked, 520 g

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Par-baked "Our happiness of grains" made of seeds and grains, without flour and additives.
Organic Multigrain Bread

half baked, 530 g

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Par-baked Organic multigrain bread in box form sprinkled with oatmeal.