Our quality promise:

- entire assortment from IFS-certified productions 
- IFS “Higher Level” rating for DEH plant in Hungary 
- IFS-Broker since 2013 
- DLG Prize of the Best (2016) for sustainable quality strategy 
- more than 50 DLG awards in gold, silver and bronze - selection of organic and clean label baked goods 
- regular sensory and microbiological product analyzes

The following topics can be found in the below categories:

IFS-Zertifizierungen DLG Prämierungen Eier aus Bodenhaltung  Bio Zertifikate Lebensmittel-Kennzeichnung ​​​​​​


Safety according to international standards


DEH as the IFS broker guarantees the highest product quality and safe production processes by independent control of the production facilities according to the IFS Food Standard.

All frozen bakery goods from DEH come from IFS-certified productions and meet the globally recognized standards for food safety, quality and manufacturing. The DEH plant in Nagyatád (Hungary) carry the ultimate level of "Higher Level".

The IFS Food Standards ensure that certified companies produce conformal products, according to the specifications agreed with the customer and that the producer constantly works on improving their production and work flow process.

According to the taste of the auditors


Regular DLG food tests provide our customers neutral and independent results on the quality of our products. Many of our bakery products are awarded with gold, silver or bronze. For the sustainable quality strategy, DEH was awarded the “Prize of the Best”.

In 2016, the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (DEH) awarded DEH with the “Bundesehrenpreis” for the outstanding test results of the DLG quality inspections in the past two years. The federal honor price is a special award granted to the best bakeries and large bakeries showing best overall results.



The quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers are in the foreground from the very beginning.  With the aim of improving husbandry conditions and meeting consumer demands for greater animal welfare, DEH is committed to using at least barn eggs and egg products for all brands at all locations.

At DEH, we believe in doing good not only for our fellow creatures, but also for us humans and our planet!

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der Albert-Schweitzer Stiftung

Die D.Entrup-Haselbach GmbH & Co. KG wird die Anforderungen der Europäischen Masthuhn-Initiative
( für 100 % des für Europa bezogenen Hühnerfleisches bis spätestens 2026 umsetzen. Zum Fortschritt der Umsetzung veröffentlicht DEH jährlich Berichte und lässt durch unabhängige Kontrollen die Einhaltung der Standards sicherstellen.

Die Europäische Masthuhn-Initiative entstammt einem Zusammenschluss von 30 Tierschutzorganisationen mit dem wesentlichen Ziel, die Haltung von Masthühnern zu verbessern. Dabei werden wichtige Tierschutz-Aspekte wie eine geringere Besatzdichte, die Einschränkung der Überzüchtung sowie Mindeststandards für Licht und Beschäftigungsmaterial umgesetzt.

Gerade für uns als inhabergeführtes Mittelständiges Unternehmen ist es besonders wichtig langfristig und verantwortungsbewusst zu denken und zu handeln. Die Masthuhn Initiative bildet dabei einen weiteren wichtigen
Baustein zur Verfolgung unserer Nachhaltigkeitsziele.

Our bio products


DEH is constantly expanding its range of certified organic baked goods. The ingredients come from controlled organic cultivation and are not genetically modified.

Download: Certification ecological products


Know what’s inside


All DEH bakery products, of course, comply with the applicable food regulations and are delivered with a complete declaration of the ingredients. These are also available online in our specification and product data sheets. The price tags, including all additives and allergens which are subject to labelling, can be found in an individual design, in our advertising portal.

Do you have any questions regarding declaration?

We help you with advice and action. If you have any questions regarding food labeling or other relevant requirements, please call us. We are also happy to assist you in contacting the supervisory authorities.

Secured sustainability


The goal of leaving the world in a better state than we found it, is a central component of our Company philosophy 
and the benchmark for our treatment of resources, the environment and people.

Against the background of our value-oriented corporate philosophy, our vision is, 
to become the sustainable service provider and supplier for best products and services internationally.
Together with our customers, partners and employees, we take responsibility for the world of tomorrow.
With this awareness we go about our work every day. The respectful use of natural resources 
means for us highest appreciation of individuals and their habitat. For us, this is a sustainable way 
to secure future generations and to dignify life. The concept of sustainability has long been incorporated into our work.
To make a valuable contribution to the preservation of health and to an intact environment is our goal.
We would like to support our customers in integrating sustainable aspects into their own company.

Download: Sustainability certification