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Great companions for every occasion!

With their crispy crust and the loose, aromatic crumb, our baguettes and breads are a delicious treat for any occasion. During the production of our baguettes we give the dough a lot of time. The long rest periods during the production process ensure a juicy and coarse pore. This makes our loaves loose and aromatic. Do you like it classic or rather rustic, refined or with grains?

Choose from our versatile offer - not only for the next barbecue party.

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Our highlights
„Pan Oli“ baguette with green olives

230 g, half baked

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Par-baked "Pan Oli" baguette with green olives.
Mediterranean-style ciabatta bread

280 g, half baked

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Par-baked mediterranean-style ciabatta bread in rectangular shape with a crunchy crust and a soft crumb.