Potato roll yellow, with superfood turmeric

It is currently the star of the superfood sky: hardly any spice is currently as celebrated as the "power root" turmeric. Durch das Kurkumagewürz, welches derzeit zu den Top Superfoods gehört, bekommt unsere Neuheit eine fantastische Farbe und wird zu einem Hingucker in Ihrer Theke. 

Often, however, the valuable superfoods cannot be used regularly in everyday life. 

Biscuits and rolls, on the other hand, are always uncomplicated to include.

They can be found on the menu every day,
whether it's for breakfast, lunch, a snack during a break or supper.

Our new potato roll: Art. no. 3443
Crispy and rustic on the outside, the new addition to our successful Potao range convinces with a soft and juicy pore, 4% potato flakes and valuable turmeric.  The turmeric spice, which is currently one of the top superfoods, gives our novelty a fantastic colour and makes it an eye-catcher in your counter.

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