Meatless delicious

For nine percent of all Germans, about 7 million people, meat products are taboo on their plate. No matter if meat is avoided out of health or moral reasons: Vegetarians do not have to do without the most delicious baked goods and savory snacks. With our Veggy products (not only) vegetarians are happy without meat.

Art.-No.: 2476Wheat bread with mustard
half baked, 550 gUnits per carton 20 // 11,00 kg24 Cartons per palette
Wheat bread with mustard
Clean LabelVeggyseasonal item
ca. 180 °C
ca. 20 Min.
Art.-No.: 68765Apple dots
baked, 74 gUnits per carton 36 // 2,66 kg120 Cartons per palette
with 33% apple filling
Apple dots
American BakeryVeggyHalāl
ca. 30 Min.
Art.-No.: 2756Canadian maple pecan
proved, 95 gUnits per carton 48 // 4,56 kg96 Cartons per palette
refined with maple syrup
Canadian maple pecan
190 °C
17-20 Min.
Art.-No.: 2765lye pretzel with coarse salt
proved, 170 gUnits per carton 60 // 10,20 kg44 Cartons per palette
with coarse salt, 140g
lye pretzel with coarse salt
20-30 Min.
170 °C
ja l
13-15 Min.
Art.-No.: 2638Butter croissant chocolate cream
proved, 100 g gUnits per carton 60 // 6,00 kg58 Cartons per palette
17 % Butter
17 % chocolate cream
Butter croissant chocolate cream
30 Min.
180 °C
20-22 Min.
Art.-No.: 5011Pide cheese and Gouda
proved, 160 gUnits per carton 30 // 4,80 kg72 Cartons per palette
Pide cheese and Gouda
190-200 °C
10-15 Min.
Art.-No.: 5012Pide mediterranean
proved, 160 gUnits per carton 30 // 4,80 kg72 Cartons per palette
Pide mediterranean
190-200 °C
10-15 Min.