Always ready!

It does not get any easier or faster: our preproved deep-frozen bakery products are ready to be enjoyed and ready to sell in no time at all. Even without long fermentation times, they unfold their full aroma in the oven and stay fresh for longer - ideal for reacting flexibly to peaks on demand. From bread rolls, croissants or lye pastry to sweet puff pastry or Danish pastries to hearty snack creations: let yourself be pampered by our pre-proved convenience baked goods!

Art.-No.: 2760Pizza Diavolo
proved, 220 gUnits per carton 30 // 6,60 kg72 Cartons per palette
13% Gouda
6% pepperoni salami
Pizza Diavolo
20 Min.
190 °C
12 Min.
Art.-No.: 2756Canadian maple pecan
proved, 95 gUnits per carton 48 // 4,56 kg96 Cartons per palette
refined with maple syrup
Canadian maple pecan
190 °C
17-20 Min.
Art.-No.: 3906Salami pizza
proved, 157 gUnits per carton 36 // 5,65 kg80 Cartons per palette
Salami pizza
ca. 170 °C
ca. 13 Min.
Art.-No.: 2774Buttercroissant
proved, 80 gUnits per carton 120 // 9,60 kg28 Cartons per palette
30% Butter
Clean Labelpreproved
15-20 Min.
180 °C
18 Min.