Taste without additives

A critical look at the label before buying:
More and more consumers are avoiding foods that contain artificial additives. Nutrition-conscious consumers want as natural baked goods as possible. The market for clean label products is growing worldwide. Transparency increases the consumer confidence. In the production of our clean-label bakery products, we do without declarable additives, such as flavor enhancers, preservatives or colorings. By the way: In our advertising world you will receive individually designed counter price labels with all ingredients and allergens subject to labeling.

Art.-No.: 1759Coconut macaroons
oven ready, 85 gUnits per carton 36 // 3,06 kg96 Cartons per palette
27 % coconut
Coconut macaroons
Clean Labelseasonal item
30-45 Min.
175 °C
20-23 Min.
Art.-No.: 5353Quark stick with grains of cereal
half baked, 120 gUnits per carton 54 // 6,48 kg28 Cartons per palette
10 % lowfat quark
Quark stick with grains of cereal
Clean LabelDLG Silber 2019
ca. 180-190 °C
0,2 l
ca. 12-14 Min.
2 Min.
Art.-No.: 1341Roll with raisin
half baked, 95 gUnits per carton 90 // 8,55 kg28 Cartons per palette
20 % raisins
Roll with raisin
Clean Label
ca. 20 Min.
200 °C
0,2 l
8-10 Min.
Art.-No.: B6010Hamburger bun with sesame
baked, 80 gUnits per carton 24 // 1,92 kg76 Cartons per palette
Hamburger bun with sesame
Clean Label
ca. 60 Min.
Art.-No.: 3054Onion Potato
half baked, 110 gUnits per carton 56 // 6,16 kg28 Cartons per palette
7 % potato flakes
3,5% onions
Onion Potato
Clean LabelDLG Gold
185 - 195 °C
ca. 8 Min.
Art.-No.: 2718Grill marks ciabatta
baked, 120 gUnits per carton 40 // 4,80 kg36 Cartons per palette
Grill marks ciabatta
Clean LabelVegan
ca. 60 Min.
Art.-No.: 2816grill bread
baked, 80 gUnits per carton 110 // 8,80 kg20 Cartons per palette
grill bread
Clean LabelVeganDLG Bronze 2020
ca. 60 Min.
Art.-No.: 2775Ciabatta rustico
half baked, 150 gUnits per carton 20 // 3,00 kg56 Cartons per palette
Ciabatta rustico
Clean LabelVegan
200 °C
10 Min.
Art.-No.: 2476Wheat bread with mustard
half baked, 550 gUnits per carton 20 // 11,00 kg24 Cartons per palette
Wheat bread with mustard
Clean LabelVeggyseasonal item
ca. 180 °C
ca. 20 Min.
Art.-No.: B1818Bio Farmerbrötchen
prebaked, 90 gUnits per carton 100 // 9,00 kg6 Cartons per palette
mit Kartoffelflocken verfeinert
Bio Farmerbrötchen
Clean Label
120-240 Min.
180 °C
4-7 Min.