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Good bakery goods are our passion! That is why our product managers and specialists are always on the trail of the latest trends and exotic aromas from the baking ovens around the world. Whether it's conspicuously appetizing seasonal pastries, current trendfoods or handy snacks, our world of bakery is growing steadily.

Only the best make it into our range, strictly controlled products, which convince us personally with excellent taste and impeccable quality. So that you can surprise your customers again and again.

This is only available at your inspiring bakery!


Art.-No.: 2081Apple cake
baked, 350 gUnits per carton 12 // 4,20 kg96 Cartons per palette
40 % apple
Apple cake
ca. 120 Min.
Art.-No.: 2740Apple Cake Handycraft
baked, 120 gUnits per carton 48 // 5,76 kg60 Cartons per palette
with 43% apple
Apple Cake Handycraft
ca. 45 Min.
Art.-No.: 64430Apple Delicake
baked, 110 gUnits per carton 24 // 2,64 kg112 Cartons per palette
8,5 % apple
Apple Delicake
30-45 Min.
Art.-No.: 2733Organic spelt bread DE-ÖKO-001
half baked, 512 gUnits per carton 14 // 7,17 kg28 Cartons per palette
8 % seeds
Organic spelt bread DE-ÖKO-001
BiomediterraneanBIO SiegelBIO Siegel Blatt
200 °C
ca. 12 Min.
Art.-No.: 0808Butter cake
baked, 320 gUnits per carton 8 // 2,56 kg88 Cartons per palette
18 % butter
Butter cake
ca. 120 Min.
Art.-No.: 64525Carrot Delicake
baked, 105 gUnits per carton 24 // 2,52 kg112 Cartons per palette
5% carrot
Carrot Delicake
ca. 30-45 Min.
Art.-No.: 2741Cheesecake Handycraft
baked, 120 gUnits per carton 48 // 5,76 kg60 Cartons per palette
with 21% Cheesecakefilling
Cheesecake Handycraft
ca. 45 Min.
Art.-No.: 2637Choco Lover
baked, 100 gUnits per carton 24 // 2,40 kg176 Cartons per palette
Choco Lover
ca. 190 Min.
Art.-No.: 2720Ciabatta Oriental
half baked, 250 gUnits per carton 30 // 7,50 kg24 Cartons per palette
3 % turmeric
Ciabatta Oriental
mediterraneanVeganVeggyClean Labelseasonal item
ca. 30 Min.
ca. 200 °C
2 l
10 - 12 Min.
Art.-No.: 2775Ciabatta rustico
half baked, 150 gUnits per carton 20 // 3,00 kg56 Cartons per palette
Ciabatta rustico
Clean LabelVegan
200 °C
10 Min.