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Our assortment offers both fine, handy pastries and sweet baked goods as well as classics like almond crescents and nut wedges. Particularly varied is our selection of delicious muffins. Of course, we‘ve also compiled the most popular cake classic for you. A real treat is our cheesecake, which still tastes like Grandma baked. Whether it is cake, pastry, cake, round cakes or tartes: With DEH every day gets its sweet highlight!

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Our highlights
Iced sponge cake

110 g, baked

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Fully baked Iced sponge cake.
Coconut macaroon with jam filling

150g, baked

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Fully baked Coconut macaroon with jam filling.
Apple cake with crumble

130 g, baked

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Fully baked Apple cake with apple pieces and crumble.
Our cake novelties

different flavours
spelt or vegan

Fully baked cake slices

different sorts

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Red Velvet Tulip Muffin, Müsli Big Muffin & Pecan Tulip Muffin