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Regular DLG food tests provide our customers neutral and independent results on the quality of our products. The DLG experts are always impressed by our deep-frozen bakery products: many of our bakery products are awarded with gold, silver or bronze. For the sustainable quality strategy, DEH was awarded the "Prize of the Best".

In 2016, the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (DEH) awarded DEH with the “Bundesehrenpreis” for the outstanding test results of the DLG quality inspections in the past two years. The “Bundesehrenpreis" is a special award granted to the best bakeries and large bakeries showing best overall results.

Art.-No.: 0279Octoberfest pretzel
pre-proved, 350 gUnits per carton 18 // 6,30 kg54 Cartons per palette
Octoberfest pretzel
preprovedExclusive by DEHDLG Silber 2019
30 Min.
140-175 °C
15-17 Min.
Art.-No.: 0723XXL Pretzel stick with a cut
pre-proved, 150 gUnits per carton 50 // 7,50 kg90 Cartons per palette
XXL Pretzel stick with a cut
preprovedExclusive by DEHDLG Silber 2020
20-25 Min.
150-175 °C
15-17 Min.
Art.-No.: 4317XXL Marzipan butter croissant
pre-proved, 110 gUnits per carton 56 // 6,16 kg60 Cartons per palette
14 % butter
XXL Marzipan butter croissant
preprovedDLG Gold 2019
30 Min.
ca. 175-180 °C
0,4 l
ca. 20 Min.
4 Min.
ATV:Please contact our application consultant
Art.-No.: 3054Onion Potato
par-baked, 110 gUnits per carton 56 // 6,16 kg28 Cartons per palette
7 % potato flakes
3,5% onions
Onion Potato
Clean LabelDLG Gold
185 - 195 °C
ca. 8 Min.
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