According to the taste of the auditors


Regular DLG food tests provide our customers neutral and independent results on the quality of our products. The DLG experts are always impressed by our deep-frozen bakery products: many of our bakery products are awarded with gold, silver or bronze. For the sustainable quality strategy, DEH was awarded the "Prize of the Best".

In 2016, the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (DEH) awarded DEH with the “Bundesehrenpreis” for the outstanding test results of the DLG quality inspections in the past two years. The “Bundesehrenpreis" is a special award granted to the best bakeries and large bakeries showing best overall results.

Art.-No.: 0394Crusty spelt wheat roll
half baked, 85 gUnits per carton 80 // 6,80 kg28 Cartons per palette
100 % spelt in flour content
Crusty spelt wheat roll
Clean Labelbaked on stoneDLG Silber 2019
ca. 200 °C
0,2 l
ca. 10-12 Min.
Art.-No.: 1763Crusty spelt roll dark
half baked, 85 gUnits per carton 40 // 3,40 kg48 Cartons per palette
12 % sunflower seeds
Crusty spelt roll dark
Clean LabelDLG Silber 2020
ca. 180-200 °C
0,2 l
ca. 8-12 Min.
Art.-No.: 2749Spelt Crust Bread
prebaked, 280 gUnits per carton 30 // 8,40 kg24 Cartons per palette
13 % sunflower seeds
2,5 % pumkin seeds
Spelt Crust Bread
VeganClean LabelDLG Gold
180 °C
20 Min.
Art.-No.: 0152Dont cocoa
baked, 52 gUnits per carton 72 // 3,74 kg60 Cartons per palette
Dont cocoa
American BakeryExclusive by DEHHalālDLG Silber 2020
ca. 30 Min.
Art.-No.: 1749Donut with cocoa containing fat glaze
baked, 60 gUnits per carton 72 // 4,32 kg60 Cartons per palette
Donut with cocoa containing fat glaze
American BakeryExclusive by DEHHalāl
ca. 30 Min.
Art.-No.: 0651Low Carb loaf with info band
half baked, 430 gUnits per carton 14 // 6,02 kg44 Cartons per palette
26,2 % vegetable protein
Low Carb loaf with info band
DLG Gold 2019
40 Min.
ca. 180 °C
0,2 l
ca. 20 Min.
3 Min.
Art.-No.: 1249Strawberry heart
baked, 120 gUnits per carton 40 // 4,80 kg49 Cartons per palette
29,5 % strawberries
Strawberry heart
seasonal itemVeggyDLG Silber 2019
90 Min.
Art.-No.: 2816grill bread
baked, 80 gUnits per carton 110 // 8,80 kg20 Cartons per palette
grill bread
Clean LabelVeganDLG Bronze 2020
ca. 60 Min.
Art.-No.: 8213Heiden-type golden roll
proved, 85 gUnits per carton 120 // 10,20 kg36 Cartons per palette
with sour dough
Heiden-type golden roll
preprovedDLG Gold
30-40 Min.
180 °C
0,4 l
18 Min.
4 Min.
ATV:Please contact our application consultant
Art.-No.: 1357Doughnut-heart with icing sugar
baked, 65 gUnits per carton 48 // 3,12 kg48 Cartons per palette
18 % multifriut jam filling
Doughnut-heart with icing sugar
Exclusive by DEHDLG Silber 2019
ca. 60 Min.