A warm welcome

Maintaining the tried and true while venturing something new

In line with this philosophy we offer a varied range of the finest bakery products and innovative new items. Enter our bakery paradise and explore the great variety of crusty rolls, rustic loaves, fine sweet pastries and many more bakery products … 

Get going for spring full of fitness with our tasty spelt wheat products. Our crusty spelt wheat roll and our large crusty spelt wheat baguette contain the 100% power of spelt wheat and many healthy ingredients.

Poultry kebab, tarte flambée and chorizo salami are the new savoury baguette snacks from the product range of the “Ideenbäckerei”. With generous toppings and golden cheese, they are the ideal snack.

The new sweet strawberry blossom, a light yeast dough pastry with a fine vanilla cream filling and a decorative strawberry topping is a really outstanding new item that is bound to attract attention.

Our new potato rolls are produced in craftsmanship quality and are a rustic delicacy available in both light and dark varieties. You will be delighted by their very special crust and soft inside.

Our bakery products are of course available in many different convenience grades. The unbaked dough items as well as pre-proved, partly baked and ready-baked products are manufactured by us with the greatest care and  can if required be garnished with the finest seeds.

We are happy to be able to present our new website to you in an elegant design and with many new elements. Our non-food and promotion products are now also listed and can be ordered directly via the contact form. For your professional sales promotion, plenty of artwork for posters and flyers is available in our new ideas portal. To help you create your personal advertising material and packaging, our creativity department is of course still available.

Let yourself be surprised by our many innovative frozen bakery goods and inspired by our quality products!

Warmest good wishes,

Yours, Doris EntrupYours, Alexander Haselbach


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